Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Sharabati´s in Tel Rumeida

I have introduced the Sharabati´s house with the soldier outpost on the roof earlier.
Now let me put a face to this severely traumatized family. We went to visit as the previous team had not been able to enter the area and we had met the father at the gas station in Bab al Sawee, where he is working. He had asked us to come and see how his family is living and was pleased to see that we kept our promise.

But we didn´t manage to put a smile on his face. Over tea, he told us his sorrows. The elder daughters are going to Hebron University but scholarship conditions changed and now the big worry is how to afford the fees.

Years of fear, assaults and harrassment have left their traits in minds, faces...

...and houses.
Depression is omnipresent as we get showed around the house. I could almost touch the hopelessness and worry of the Sharabati´s while having a look at the sordid condition of their home. I had to work hard on holding back tears of anger and helplessness.
How cynical to cry in front of these brave people, who still go on and on and on, even though they don´t believe that anything is ever gonna change.

Broken windows are part of the routine in Tel Rumeida.

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