Saturday, 11 July 2009

Amnesty International Summer Party

Garden of the Martin-Niemöller Haus in Berlin-Dahlem.

"CHIHA- mystical voice of Tunesia & friends, performed

beautifully. I didn´t get a picture of Antoine Villoutreix, as both my camera and my phone let me down today...

Information counter of 1180 - Israel/Palestine Group on Gaza:

The group had realised earlier that even among amnesty members, there seemed to be an information gap on the Gaza Strip in particular.

The Impact of the Gaza blockade on school children: the import of books, various medication and nutrition, candles, construction material and even shoes and fabrics is prevented.

A full list of the goods which are not allowed to be imported: petrol, light bulbs, flower, coffee, chocolate, sausages, sewing needles and fabric, washing detergent, matches, book, musical instruments, animals, washing machines, refrigerators etc., consrtuction material, cars and spare parts, conditioner, sheets, mattrasses, oil, tea, sesame, nuts, cutlery, dishes, milk products in larger amounts, cooking equipment, matches, pens, blankets...

There was also a few petitions to end these things, including one for Gilad Shalit.

From my perspective, the party was a full success: detailed information, large crowd, nice food, beautiful music and no rain:-)

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