Saturday, 18 July 2009

Articles by Huweida Arraf and Adam Shapiro

Thought you might be interested in the following articles that Adam
and I just had published about Israel's hijacking of our boat to Gaza.
If you haven't seen the video that was put together from footage that
one of our volunteers managed to hide from Israeli soldiers who
confiscated all of our cameras, see: (we will soon be updating
this with a short clip that another volunteer smuggled out of the
soldiers boarding the boat).

Please feel free to forward this to others if you'd like. There is a
lot of reference to US politics and culture in both of our articles,
as we were trying to write for an American audience.

We are now working hard to raise the funds and popular and political
support for our next mission. If you can help (organizing fundraisers,
contacting VIPs that might consider coming on our boat(s), or other)
please let us know!

The Nation: Free Gaza - Free Palestine
by Huwaida Arraf

Huffington Post: Threatened and Beaten on the Way to Gaza
by Adam Shapiro

In solidarity & struggle,
Huwaida and Adam

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