Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Tagesschau, Spiegel International, Guardian today

"Zögert nicht, alles zu zerstören"

Tagesschau: There is an article on "Breaking the Silence" in German and a link to the full article "Operation Cast Lead" in English.

Spiegel International:

Report Paints Damning Picture of Gaza Campaign

Israel has claimed that everything was done to protect innocent lives during its recent military operation in the Gaza Strip. But according to statements from Israeli soldiers there were malicious acts of destruction, white phosphorus was used and civilians were deliberately targeted.

Israeli soldiers speak out over Gaza Strip offensive

Stories of human shields and 'shoot first' policy collated by human rights group Breaking the Silence

Israeli soldiers who served in the Gaza Strip during the offensive of December and January have spoken out about being ordered to shoot without hesitation, destroying houses and mosques with a general disregard for Palestinian lives.

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