Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Hebron Human Rights Violation Report

Period: From Sunday 12 July 2009 to Saturday 02 August 2009

12.07.09 Sunday****************************
* 50 Settlers attacked Baqaa Neighborhood West to Kiryat Araba Settlement ,they Threw stones toward the Palestinians houses.
* The Israeli soldiers Detained Jamil Abu Haikal 16 years Old. they beat him , Blind full and handcuffed him ,settlers were in the area they said bad wards to his mother ,the settlers threw stones toward his House, some stones came from the military Base.One of the settlers (Baroukh Marzel boy 15 years old ) kicked a Human Rights Defender in front of the soldiers who did nothing to stop it, or to arrest the settler.

14.07.09 Tuesday:***************************************
* Settlers from Tell-Rumeida Settlements threw Garbage toward Abu Aisha House

15.07.09 Wednesday ************************************
* Settler Attacked Al-Hadad Family near Kharsena Settlements with stones.
* The settlers set up a new wooden tent in Al-Buwereh .
* A Human Rights Defender waited 2H outside Givaat Haavot Police Station ,He went to give his Testimony About Abu Haikal Case.

19.07.09 Sunday*******************************************
* Settlers Threw Stones toward Issa Amro’s House ,Soldiers were in the area but they did nothing to stop them, Issa called the Police But the police didn’t answer , and he called DCO their Answer was we can do nothing to stop them.

20.07.09 Monday*********************************************
Settlers attacked the Customers in Shallaleh Street

21.07.09 Tuesday*********************************************
* Settlers threw stones toward Abu Arab and AL-Azzieh Houses.

23.07.09 Thursday :********************************************
* Settlers Burnt and cut trees in AL-Buwereh belong to Abdeen Family.

26.07.09 Sunday***********************************************
* The Army Detained a Palestinian man at 56 Checkpoint ,Handcuffed him ,and they Forced him to set on one leg.The Police arrested a Human Rights Defender when he tried to film the Violation .

27.07.09 Monday *****************************************
The Settlers cut a land fence and trees which Belong to Abdeen Family

28.07.09 Tuesday:*****************************************
* Settlers built a wall in Herbawi land near Beit Hadasa Settlement in Shuhada street, The Police refused to let the owner make complaint about that, and they told him that he has to go to DCO to ask them about the land ownership.

* The settlers had celebration about two new settlers families living in AL-Buwereh Outpost.

29.07.09 Wednesday *****************************************
* Settlers broke in many shops in the closed area of H2 , Two of them near the Kitchen market and some in the old gold market.
* Settlers threw Garbage and dirty material with very bad smell to Abu Aisha House.

30.07.09 Thursday********************************************
* Soldiers closed shuhada street checkpoint(56) ,and closed many shops in Bab AL-Zawieh to let the settlers visit a Knaz Tomp in H1.

31.07.09 Friday***********************************************
* 100 settlers occupied a Palestinian land in Baqaa belongs to Jaber Family

01.08.09 Saturday:********************************************
* 10 Settlers attacked Nizam Azzazmeh near Beit Hadasa in shuhada Street with a blade ,he was injured in his Arm, chest , a soldier was in the area did nothing to stop them.

* Settler attacked a Palestinian Car in the old city of Hebron during the Weekly Settlers Tour ,the settler broke a car mirror ,and kicked the car many times, 6 soldiers were escorting the Settlers ,one of the soldiers stopped him and take him a way .

* Settlers From Abraham Avino Settlements attacked Nidal Owewi House , They pushed a large metal water-tanker to the ground several floors below, soldier saw them doing that but e did nothing to stop them.

02.08.09 Sunday:**************************************************
* Army reopened Othman Ben Affan Road (Tzion) which connect Kiryat Arba Settlement with the Old City for ONLY 5 Palestinian’s Cars with special Permission.

* Settlers set up a large fire in the grape-vines which is close to Kharseena settlement near the new outpost .

Hot Areas
• AL-Buwereh
• Abu Aisha Family are suffering too much these days.
• Each Saturday settlers have tour in the old city ,they usauly attack shop keepers verbally and physically ,only 6 soldiers escort them without Police.

Collected and Written by:
Issa Amro

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