Friday, 4 September 2009

Ha'aretz today

'Netanyahu to okay new West Bank homes before declaring freeze'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will soon approve the construction of hundreds of new housing units in West Bank settlements before he declares a moratorium on building in those locales, according to a senior government source.

Report: UAE to deport hundreds of Palestinians by month's end

The United Arab Emirates will deport hundreds of Palestinians living within its territory by the end of September, the Al-Quds al-Arabi daily reported on Friday.

The UAE government gave no official reason for its decision, but said that senior state officials have approved the expulsion.

ANALYSIS / Israel-PA relations have never been so good

Mohammed Na'if, a 14-year-old Palestinian from the Jalazun refugee camp near Ramallah, was killed Monday night by Israel Defense Forces fire after Na'if and another youth threw firebombs at the settlement of Beit El.

A force from the Kfir Brigade saw them, and one of the soldiers shot Na'if. The IDF investigation showed that a bullet aimed at his legs hit the youth in the abdomen. He died of his wounds in an Israeli hospital.

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