Saturday, 17 July 2010

Wonderful Women in Hebron - Local Handicrafts

The new website of Women in Hebron is beautiful and offers the possibility to order via the internet.
I am also attaching some pictures of new arrivals: beautiful uni-coloured carpets, handmade by the women's cooperative of the Samoe village south of Hebron and 100% wool . They can be custom made on demand (size, colour/s).

I am supporting this initiative as I know the women and their situation - they really depend on the internet business picking up as there is hardly any customers coming to Hebron these days...

Women in Hebron is a small cooperative, running a small shop in the Old City of Hebron. This is the only shop run by women and supporting women in trying to give them work and paying adequate prices for their goods. I do have to admit, I am emotionally involved here: my dear dear friend Nawal and her no less dear sister Leila are hosting this shop and for me, even to stop by for a tea is one of my favourite activities...Nawal is wonderfully warm hearted and therefore not precisely a business woman, she keeps buying to many goods of the women and then has no idea who to sell them too, as particularly this summer there is hardly any tourist in the Hebron Souk...She is a very gracious hostess particularly when you arrive in the morning, thirsty and longing for a hearty breakfast - which will be presented to you within a heartbeat:-)

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