Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Palestinian Elders wishing to join the Youth and Elders Project

We are trying to raise moneay to send eight (ideally) Palestininian elderly women to join the Youth and Elders project.
It's aimin at intergenerational, intercultural transfer of knowledge and creating new pathways for the future.

The participation in this project would present an unique opportunity to our seniors to share their knowledge and experience, spread information about the living situation in Palestine and advocate their cause. As seniors they have a far better chance to be heard and create respect for their situation. In addition, the positive psycho-social effect of this journey is invaluable. The movement of the elderly is even more restricted in the West Bank than those of younger parts of society. They suffer not only from occupation policies but also from less financial means to travel, less access to private transport options and the physical restriction of their age.
The elderly are also an ideal target group to multiply the experiences the youthandelder project offers as many times they play a very important part in childcare.

About Youth and Elders:

In June of this year 2012 youth and elders workshops will take place over a period of seven days on a sailing boat in the baltic sea and with an intergenerational crew of 30 change makers from all walks of life. The boat will become a space in which ideas for collaboration and new ways of embodying intergenerational exchange can crystallise.

It is a journey of self-discovery and inspiration and of coming home with new ideas and concrete steps to take. A journey of playful exploration and deep sharing – where youth and elders mirror and discover each other, and together step into their potential for contributing to a common goal.

The participants will:

Challenge their assumptions and expand their horizons;
Experience principles of dialogue and storytelling, of creativity and of decision making;
Explore mentoring abilities and personal growth;
Together define next steps into action that embodies the wisdom of all generations;
Play, perform, create and be inspired.

Some anticipated outcomes from the project:

Sparking strong relationships between Youth and Elders, between fresh energy and passion on one end, and experience and deeper perspectives on the other;
Reinvigorating hope for a sustainable response to current crises that affect us all;
A renewed drive for wholeness in our actions, of embodying intergenerational exchange in our individual next steps.

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