Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tuesday, 23.4.2013 A benefit concert for Gaza

For human rights and freedom in Gaza
קולותStimmen Voices ٔاصوات
Music and Poetry by Jewish and Arab performers
from the Middle East

A benefit concert for Gaza

Tuesday ,23.4.2013
Doors 19:00
Gotischer Saal, Schmiedehof ,17Kreuzberg, 10965Berlin
Jewish and Arab performers from the Middle East use their
voices, texts and musical instruments to express their
solidarity with Gaza, bringing their resistance to the ongoing
occupation and oppression of Palestinians to the stage. All
donations collected at the VOICES benefit are transferred
to Medico International, a social and medical aid organization.Medico works together with
Palestinian Medical Relief Society and Physicians for Human Rights Israelto achieve free access to healthcare and sustainable development in the Gaza Strip. This, we hope, will bring an end to violence and exclusion. So far, we
atVOICES have been able to collect a few thousand Euros for these purposes, thanks to both our performers and enthusiastic audience alike.

The program includes poetry by the world renowned Palestinian
poet Mahmoud Darwish and the Jewish writer Lea Goldberg; songs
by Feiruz and Billy Holliday; traditional Arabic and Jewish
instrumental music  ,and original compositions by the
participants. After the show the public is welcome to join an
open discussion with the performers.
The company consists of  10-15Jewish and Arab performers from
Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel and
Germany, currently living in Berlin.
Contact:; 49(0)176-31212109+ Videos:

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