Thursday, 6 October 2011

Addameer reports on ongoing hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons

September 29th, 2011

ADDAMEER Prisoners` Support and Human Rights Association

The association follows the protest of prisoners und the new gradual developments of the hunger strike. The punishment which has been imposed on the prisoners in hunger strike

The association reports it’s inside knowledge on the new requests and the hunger strike with the prisoners have implemented in Israeli prisons in order to achieve their goals.

The prison of Ishel, has in response and in attempting to repress the mouvement, transferred the prisoner Ahmad Abu Assououd Anani to isolation treatment in Rimoun prison. The administration also applied the following measures of punishment to the prisoners of Ishel as a result of the ongoing hunger strike:

- prohibition of buying goods in the cafeteria

- shortening of daily walks in the prison yard

- prevention of family visits: for each day of participation in the hunger strike, family visits will be postponed for another month

- in addition, monetary penalties have been imposed of the prisoners participating in the strike

In Nafha prison, the entire prisoners community has announced to join in the strike, as well as 10 prisoners from various prisions, who are members of the Jihad Islamic Movement.

The leader of the Fatah members in prison, Nasser Owaiz, also joined the movement.

The staff of Addameer also knew that on September 30th another step in the hungerstrike will be reached. Prisoners will start refusing to comply with the daily routing of being counted in the morning as well as reject to wear the prisoners’ uniform.

The prisoners report that the prison administration searched all cells of the strikers and removed all electric devices. In addition the guards seperated the prisoners on strike and placed them in separate cells.

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